Bottle Pay

Lightning Network上の決済会社Bottle Pay、200万ドルを調達っていう記事を見て、ちょっと触ってみた。 chrome extensionやbotを使ってtipをおくれるっていう、最近トレンド化しているlightningのサービス。

bottle pay

bottle payは、 we are on a mission to make bitcoin accessible everyone.

Easily send Bitcoin to anyone with a social media account Find everyone with a simple social username search in the dashboard. Start sending them Bitcoin straight away, with no wallet or app download needed.
For desktop users, our browser extension adds a Bottle Pay button into your social networks, so you can easily send Bitcoin to friends, family, artists, content creators... anyone really!
Send your Bitcoin with a Lightning enabled wallet, or send direct from your Bottle Pay account.

chrome extensionのユーザは260人で、かなり少ないなという印象。